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PES 2018 Hack – myclubCoins and GP Cheats

Pro Evolution Soccer or PES 2018 is the finest football game ever made! In comparison to the PES 2017, this year the game has improved features on passing, shooting and dribbling. Moreover, the goalkeepers are much better than last year. So, try out this amazing game with perfect PES 2018 hack right away! To make your game simpler, here are some important aspects that you should follow:

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PES 2018 Hack Aspects :

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PES 2018 Game Aspects :

  • Before you start playing the game, check out its tutorials. These training videos are a ‘must’ watch if you want to conquer the toughest and hardest opposition in the game. The beginning of the video would be basic but later on you will move to the advanced techniques which will be very helpful in the game.
  • Experiment with various teams to see which one is perfect for your game as all of them have different tactics. For instance, some teams rely on raw pace while some are long-ball orientated.
  • Make use of the Advanced Tactics, but have a backup plan too. Setting up your team is very easy and if you think your initial plan is not working, then change it instantly by finding another way to win the match.
  • Super Cancel is a great feature available in the game. With this feature, you can cancel the action that your player was about to perform. Alternatively, you can use the feature to change the direction of their run. It is a nice way to gain control of your players and make them run where you want to, instead of them moving where the game has programmed.
  • You can even make use of the Super Cancel feature for cancelling a ‘pass’ that you have made for a ball.
  • Keep practicing the game if you want to master the art of defending. When you reach higher stages in the game, you will be punished for the mistakes you make while defending.
  • If you do not time well the sliding tackles then you will surely get a red card by the referee.
  • Play the game patiently. The important tip to achieve success in the game is by tackling the time perfectly. Wait until the attackers make a move and then hit the X button. If you are too excited you can try PES 2018 Cheats and fasten the boring parts of the game!
  • Make sure that you do not sprint much while defending; otherwise your players will get off balanced at the time of making a tackle.
  • If you do not have a clear view of the ball or are behind the attacker then do not slide in.
  • To know the player’s overall ability, you need to check the OVR stats. The players are usually great at a specific job, so by checking their stats you will get to know their abilities. Moreover, by playing regularly you will be able to judge the individual stats of most of the players. Thus, there will be a lot of chances to achieve success in the game.
  • It is wise to keep a balance between runs and positioning. Practicing well will give you a good control on your players and you will be able to position them well.
  • Focus on the indicators that come up on the screen as it tells the trajectory of the ball, where it is going and the curve that will be applied to it. This will let you put the ball where you want.
  • Depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the player, you can change who takes the corner. It’s better to experiment with options and select the best one.
  • Different situations will require diverse kinds of crosses, so you need to experiment with this too.
  • In case of penalty kicks, move the left stick gently to aim in one direction and then press the power bar lightly.
  • Practice is the only way to become perfect in this game. You can try playing the skill games whenever you are free so that you can tune your skills like hitting targets, avoiding obstacles, and much more.
  • The heart of the game is attacking and for that you need to learn how to pass the ball well. You can use various tactics while you are running to pass the ball.
  • If you are new to the game, then always try normal shooting of the ball as other shots require more buttons and time to set up. Before striking the ball, try to hold it for longer as it will increase the elevation and make you shoot accurately.
  • In case of shooting, the closer you are to the goal, the better it will be for you to shoot.

Now that you know the various tactics to achieve success in the game, keep practicing and playing. Once you start playing the game well, here are some of the trophies that you could earn:

  • If you win the UEFA Best Player in Europe Award then you can earn the Best European Soccer Player Trophy.
  • When you achieve the title of the best Footballer of the Year in Asia then you will get the Best Asian Soccer Player Trophy.
  • The Impregnable Fort trophy is awarded for facing 20 or more shots on target and keeping a clean sheet.
  • If you have scored a free kick from 30m or more then you will receive The Sniper Trophy.
  • The Championship Winner Trophy is awarded for winning the League Title.
  • When you become a National Team Manager in Master League then you will earn ‘Leading the Nation’ Trophy.
  • The Silver Collector Trophy is awarded to those who have earned Silver in all levels of skills training.
  • When you defeat COM in UEFA Champions League then you will earn the UEFA Champions League Trophy.
  • If you have achieved a Team Role of Legend then you will be awarded with ‘A True Star’ Trophy.
  • The No. 1 Club Gold Trophy will be awarded to a player who has been named as the No. 1 Club in the Master League Club Rankings.
  • The Ultimate Player Trophy is given to someone who has a perfect collection.

Other than the aforesaid trophies, there are many more to earn. So, keep playing and keep earning various trophies in the wonderful PES 2018 game.

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